Top 10 tips for eating in the US

Consider sharing a plate {should you not|if you don't|allow me to explain} want to be overfed with giant size {foods|dishes}.

From how to save your dollars to {requesting|seeking} a doggy bag, {here are some|below are a few|every} tips on surviving {eating|eating out} out {in america|in the usa}.


Tipping a waiter or bartender in America is an unavoidable reality, but {look out for|be cautious about|beware of} a new phenomenon, "tip creep", in which gratuities are being pushed higher and higher due to the increasing use of touch screen payment systems.

{In|For|By} coffee shops, customers are increasingly being presented with a tablet device and directed to add a pre-set tipping option of $1, $2 or $3, or 15 per {penny|dollar|nickle}, 20 per cent and 30 per cent. (of course you can also add your own amount or if you {challenge|care to|care}, opt out altogether).

{This|That} can be intimidating and {bring about|cause} {the expense of|the price tag on} a $3 coffee suddenly jumping to $5. So don't be bullied by technology, or succumb to {a machine|a storage space|a hardware} peering down toward you. Ordering a takeaway {espresso|caffeine} should not warrant a tip, my friend, a born-and-bred New Yorker, {explains to|instructs|says} me. "Not all {suggestion|idea|hint} requests should be honored, " he added.


A strategy that we {send|direct|pertain} to as a main may be called an entree in the US. Photo: Thomas Barwick

America {is famous|is well known|is well know} for its large portions, but since {weight problems|unhealthy weight|overweight} grows and the {alerts|safety measures} increase, a mini {rise  ?  mutiny is|mutiny is} under way - half serves or {busting|cracking} meals is an {growing|rising|appearing} trend. At restaurants, it is not uncommon, in fact it is {suitable|appropriate|satisfactory}, for two people to split a primary {food|meals}.

Another tip is to do what Amal {The future star|The future actor} does and request a half serve of a meal. Some chefs will oblige if it is possible to do so.

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In {truth|reality|simple fact} requests to downsize {food|meals} portions {have become|are getting to be|have grown to be} more {regular|repeated|recurrent}, prompting some restaurants in major cities to list half size main {food|meals} options on some items of their menu. {You will|Likely to|You are going to} save on your {waist|midsection|abs} and on your {budget|finances|pocket}.


The "flat white" has arrived in mainstream America via the ever ubiquitous Starbucks. The chain debuted this {transfer|importance} in January {this season|this coming year}. Of course a number of Australiand Kiwi cafes {which may have|that contain} opened in Californiand Fresh York also serve it.

A quick tip when ordering coffee in America - {a brief|a quick|a shorter} black is an espresso, and a long black is an Americano. Also, {remember that|just remember that ,} at Starbucks, you can get refills of your {espresso|caffeine} for 50 cents, {somewhat|alternatively} than buying {another|an additional|the second} {espresso|caffeine}.

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